Neural Reliquary Tutorials

  • Using the Research Application

    The downloadable Neural Reliquary application is a distributed computing platform. This means, each person running the app is powering the engine.

    There are some things to consider of course before simply diving in. In using the app on your computer, you will be volunteering processing power as well as internet bandwidth. For most people this isn't a problem. However, it is important to know the limits of your bandwidth and processing capabilities so that you do not end up with overages.

    There are some really great perks as well! If you enjoy talking to Jeeney already, you will find that the research application is quite useful for helping Jeeney to acquire information related to your own personal interests. This can be quite useful for students to practice for an exam. It can be helpful as well for people who would like to perform online research.

  • How to get Started with the Research Application

    The Neural Reliquary application is designed to be quite simple to use. It is developed using Java, which allows it to run seamlessly on many different platforms. As long as you have Java installed, it's just a simple matter of downloading the application and double clicking the Java file to load it.

    There are a few things you can do within the research application. You can provide it with lists of websites you want to have researched. This is done through the feeder tab. You can also ask it to source information for research using only keywords. This is available on the server sync tab.

    To volunteer processing power and help N.R. perform it's task of gathering data online, you need to enable spiders. Spiders are a webcrawling technology that autonomously goes from page to page over the internet in search of information. Any information the spiders find that may be useful to the N.R. search engine are uploaded to the central server.

    For more information, stay tuned. Updated video tutorials will be offered soon.